Booking Information

Hi there, thank you for your taking a look at my booking information. Please read through this page before booking an appointment with me. ~ Hal <3

How to Book:


To book an appointment with me, send me an email at Use Handpoke Tattoo Inquiry as the header for your message. Please provide me with:

  1. – Your name/pronouns
  2. – What design you’d like to get
  3. – Size and placement of design
  4. – Is  this your first tattoo?

Once we have solidified the basic information for your appointment, I will send you a link to my calendar. There will be a short form to fill out followed by choosing a date and time. Available flash designs will be uploaded to my Instagram periodically and can be found on the flash page of my website. A deposit is required to confirm your appointment.




There is a $25 deposit on all flash tattoos. There is a $50 deposit on custom designs. This deposit goes towards the overall cost of the tattoo itself and confirms your appointment. Deposits are nonrefundable. To reschedule an appointment, please give me at least 24hrs notice. Things happen and I understand. If you are more than 30 minutes late with no communication your appointment will be cancelled. If you no call no show with no further discussion you will not be allowed to book with me in the future.


Payment, Pricing, and Tips


There are sliding scale prices per piece on all flash which will be posted posted when i publish a new flash sheet. If you can pay full price for a tat, please do. If you feel like the pricing is inaccessible to you (BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Disabled friends), there will always be an option for a discounted rate. Be honest about your budget and we will see if we can make something work.

I accept Venmo, Cashapp, and cash. If you send me a Venmo payment please use random emojis in the description. Cash tips are preferred. Venmo: @bunzine

Other ways to tip: I love art, handmade gifts, and little trinkets, I’d also accept plants, candles, or incense, and many other suggested items. I am also open to trades!


Getting Ready For Your Appointment:


  1. – Please remember to eat and drink something before your appointment. Beverages and a light snack will be provided for you at your appointment.
  2. – Please shave the area you wish to get tattooed before you appointment. I use single use razors to shave my guests and don’t mind doing it by any means, but if you can shave ahead of time it’d be greatly appreciated.
  3. – I am a hand poke tattoo artist which means that your appointment can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. Larger and more detailed pieces may take multiple sessions.
  4. – I want you to feel comfortable. I will be taking short breaks hourly during your appointment and encourage you to do the same.
  5. – Please wear a mask to your appointment to help keep your tattoo artist and yourself safe.
How to Reach Me:


I communicate about tattoos mainly through my email. As I’m starting out I may respond to a DM on instagram, but please try to keep our communications limited to email. I should reply to all tattoo inquiries within 1 week of contact.




My current style is inspired by botanicals, vessels and cups, textiles, folklife, and abstract designs. Follow my Instagram @eulgguls to keep up with my work!


Custom Designs:


I have a $50 deposit on all custom tattoos and an hourly rate of $50-$80 depending on the design. I ‘d love to do anything inspired by my current style (described above) or designs focused on themes from quiltmakers over the last century. Send me an email with Custom Handpoke Inquiry as the header of your email for all custom inquiries.




I have a small studio at my home in West Michigan there are 5 steps leading up to the front porch. The studio is not wheelchair accessible. I will provide you with the address for my studio 48 hours before your appointment. I have two elderly dogs that stay upstairs when guests are over and I am saving up to move into a private studio soon.




I’m offering free touch ups on all handpokes. I’ve been tattooing since June 2022 and I am so grateful to have the space to learn and grow and would love to refresh that tat for you. Send me an email with Touch Up Inquiry as the header for your message to get a hold of me.